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A lush jungle and the air filled with tropical scents, the atmosphere is sensual yet remains natural and spontaneous. CrisBerry’s girl of 2016 is independent and wild. The prints vary from silver blue dragon skin to deep green banana leaves, perfect patterns to tune into your inner amazon. Bright neon pieces are also present in the collection and are inspired by the vivacious tropical fruits and flowers of South Asia.


Press Kit

The novelty of this year’s campaign was the use of not one but two incredible fashion photographers: Raffaele Marone and Nima Benati. Both photographers are amongst the most sought after photographers in Italy’s fashion industry, having shot with many great brands. Furthermore, Nima also passed in front of the camera, exclusively to model for CrisBerry bikinis.

This year’s CrisBerry girls of 2016 are the bloggers Chiara Nasti and Angela Nasti, the model Francesca Lodo, the fashion photographer/influencer Nima Benati and the brand’s designer and founder Cristel Carrisi. With a cumulative of over 1,5 million followers, the girls caused quite the stir shooting the campaign between Thailand’s heavenly beaches and wild jungles, enjoying the beautiful nature that Phuket and the surrounding islands have to offer.

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